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Caring for your candle

By 8th April 2016News
Jasmine & Green Tea Candle

We are delighted that you have purchased our beautiful candles. We want you to enjoy them to their max and therefore recommend you always follow these important steps:

  • Use within 6 months of purchasing, as this is a natural product!
  • Keep the wick trimmed to 5mm.
  • Always burn your candle until there is liquid to the edge of the glass and most importantly to do this for the first couple of burns.
  • Burning for more than 4 hours is not recommended for two reasons: Firstly when the oil gets too hot the richness of the fragrance could be affected; and secondly there will become too much liquid wax and the wick will be unable to stay erect and may drop into the wax.
  • Don’t light your candle where there is a draft as this could result in the candle letting off black smoke.
  • Keep your candle out of direct sunlight as this will draw out the fragrance.

Hope you enjoy your candles as much as we do making them for you!

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